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I worked with Bill and Judith on a book for my grandparents who were both 100 plus in age and somewhat skeptical about the project.  The Joyce’s handled my grandparents with such a warm and light touch that they raved about the experience as much as they applauded the final product which was wonderful. 

I can’t say enough about working with Bill and Judith and would happily do it again.


- Zach Ablon

  New York, NY

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Happenstance and All the Rest, The Lives and Times of Sylvia and Ralph Ablon 2018


Meeting at The Ohio State University was the start of a relationship that celebrated its eighty-first wedding anniversary in 2020. It is the story of two centenarians whose lives are filled with a loving family, business success, theatrical and community involvement, and travel. Natives of Mississippi and Pennsylvania, they raised their family on Park Avenue in Manhattan. The words of their children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren reveal a warm story about two great people. The book was commissioned by their grandson who felt their story needed to be told and preserved for future generations.

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