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We can give you general answers to these important questions, but we want to emphasize that we do not produce cookie-cutter products. Each project is approached on an individual basis and customized to provide exactly what our clients are looking for.  We want you to come to us with your ideas and expectations and we will work hard to bring them to life.
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What Does it Cost?

Cost is based on the scope of the project, with variables including the number of interviews, the amount of research involved, and the amount of time required to satisfactorily complete the project. We prefer to put together a project estimate once we have spoken to the client on the understanding that the estimate will change as interviews are added or the story expanded. 


We are always transparent as to cost, time required, and options. If the estimate changes as the project unfolds, we advise the client and discuss the way forward. 


How Long Does It Take?

An average family history, from inception to completion, takes about two years. We accelerate the process whenever we can for extenuating circumstances. 

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