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Writer, Researcher and Interviewer

The Bill Joyce story began in Brooklyn, New York. As an American with Irish, Italian, Scottish, and Albanian heritage, you can imagine the family stories I have listened to and enjoyed over the course of my life. More than 40 years of marriage to a lovely wife who has more family than many small villages has added volumes to my own stories.

My father was a great storyteller ... a regret for me and for my brothers is that we never recorded those stories. We heard some of them dozens of times, and wish we could have looked forward to dozens more.


Boston College added a B.A. in history to my lifelong interest in the richness of the past. Setting people's stories in the context of history is important to me, adding, as it does, a deeper understanding of their joys and successes, trials and tribulations, life choices, and decisions. A stint in the Marine Corps gave me some insight into military life and its lessons.

Forty years in the business world, working with both large and small organizations in the fields of energy, printing, telecommunications, high technology, marketing, sales, and consulting, enables me to bring that perspective to my work with Camden Writers. The importance of life's work and its impact on people's lives cannot be understated.

We all have a story worth telling. Listening to people and helping them pass along that story to family, friends, and the wider world is valuable and mutually fulfilling. I feel honored to be part of that process with both individuals and businesses who choose to share their life experiences.

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