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Writer, Researcher and Interviewer

As the youngest of five children in an Ohio family, where the age difference between me and the next child was 12 years, I was fascinated by everything my older family members had to say - especially when I wasn't supposed to hear.


Every time my parents went out of town, my sister, Ann, whose position as youngest I had usurped, threw a party. I was sworn to secrecy and I never told my parents. The amazing thing is that the neighbors never did, either.


Ann died far too young, at age 32. Her two children, now adults, can't hear enough about their mother as a teenager and young woman. I love being able to give them a view of Ann that no one else in the family experienced from my vantage point. 

Their eagerness to learn more about their mother and the pleasure I feel in having these stories to tell has given me a great appreciation for the joy of listening and the value of sharing. I wish I had listened even more closely and had more tales to pass along.


For many years, I taught French and Latin to adolescents. During that time, I completed a Masters Degree in Educational Counseling. In both disciplines, it was necessary to listen carefully and bring forward and distill the key elements that shape lives.


Community, which is often at the heart of people's stories, is another area that interests me greatly.

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