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A well-designed memoir is visually attractive and logical and respects the subject matter. Book design includes choosing font styles and sizes for text, chapter titles, subtitles, and quotations. We collaborate with the client in this process.


The client is also involved in choosing paper type and color, cover design (with or without a photograph), cover color, and placement of graphics. When appropriate we design personalized endpapers (the papers just inside the front and back covers). In one instance, working with a builder, we used copies of blueprints for that purpose. For a woman whose pride was her garden, we used our photographs of her flowers as endpapers.


Although we often suggest a book that is 8 x 8, we can adapt that template. A number of our books are coffee table size, allowing for dramatic graphics. We do find that the 8 x 8 volume suits photographs that are both horizontal and vertical and leaves a lot of elegant white space around both text and graphics. They also fit well on a bookshelf.

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