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In Memoriam - December 1, 1943 to September 20, 2021

Book Designer and Interviewer

In 1970 my brother John, fresh out of the Air Force, drove East in his swamp-green, '52 Chevrolet Biscayne and persuaded me to quit my job and travel with him to Mexico. We'd find the perfect beach, he said, with white sands and coconut palms, and stay until we felt like coming home. We drove that old car 10,000 miles and never did find our beach, but we had memorable adventures and became best friends.

Our children love to hear that story because it was a family adventure and provided the foundation for the close relationship John and I have today.


As a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design with a major in architecture and photography, I have spent the last 40 years translating my clients' idea of home into reality. In doing this, it was necessary to listen carefully in order to understand exactly what “home” was for each individual. In the process, I was reminded that through our personal history we each bring a unique point of view to our life. In the process, I became more interested in the people than the buildings. 


My job as Camden Writers' graphic designer is to create a physical context that enhances each person's story through the use of shape, colors, typeface, and material choices. A wide variety of book presentations, creative compilations of photographs and graphic material, and a personalized approach to page design, cover, and endpapers are only some of the ways in which I work to make your book a handsome and representative volume.

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