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Bill and Judith, I think the book you wrote on Mary Margaret is superb. You really captured her. Reading it gave me great pleasure. Enjoyed both the text and the many photos.

I graduated with a degree in English literature before becoming a doctor. Not sure if that qualifies me as a book critic, but I know I really liked your work.

- Dr. William Johnson

Medford, OR

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Mary Margaret Goodale


Born into a family that played an important role in New England’s history and development, this book tells the life story of a girl’s journey from childhood to her 90th year. It is the personal story of a remarkable woman who as the wife and helpmate of an academic doctor and the mother of five children, followed her husband and supported him no matter where his work took them, all the while hauling their horses, dogs, goats and all the paraphernalia of a family of seven. Mary Margaret played the role of daughter, lifelong equestrian, wife, mother and friend with equal skill.

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