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Christine Chamberlain and Camden Writers produced a history on my mother, Sylvia, who was born in Dublin, and my father, who was born in Vienna and emigrated to England just prior to the Second World War. My father is deceased, but, working with my mother in London, Christine drew a fantastic portrait of my parents and grandparents and brought together a great deal of material that was scattered and inaccessible. 

Christine was non-judgmental with everyone she met and took the time to get to know my mother with sensitivity to her interests and concerns. As a family, we are extremely pleased with the book she produced and would readily recommend her to others. The product is amazing. 


Jeremy Coller

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An Irish Waltz

Sylvia's history is a colorful portrait of growing up Jewish in Dublin and the story of a survivor. Widowed young, she raised three children on her own in London and proved herself to be a fine businesswoman in her own right. Sylvia's dry sense of humor about herself permeates her history and her stories about her parents, family and friends. In 2019, we attended her 90th birthday celebration in London where the presence of children and grandchildren is testament to her great success.

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