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The Walpole Foundation: The Hubbard Family, A Legacy of Preservation

This is a love story... the love of a man for his hometown. Leslie Hubbard saw the decline of Walpole, New Hampshire, and funded the  revitalization and preservation of 11 properties  in the town center. The Foundation is based  on a self-sustaining business model where  buildings often have mixed rental occupancy  that support themselves – residential as well  as commercial space. The book provides a  history of the town, the story of the Hubbard  family’s success and philanthropy, as well as a  background on the renovation and rebirth of  the individual properties.

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As Chair of the Walpole Foundation, I commissioned a history of its work in its founding years. Camden Writers, especially Judith and Bill Joyce, took what could be a rather dry subject and turned into an engaging story. They did extensive research which resulted in a work that found much praise from its readers. 

- Charles DeGrandpre

Portsmouth, NH

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