Camden Writers was founded in 1997 with the understanding that it is important for all of us to step back and take a look at history.  Great benefit accrues from reflection, and it is both a great pleasure and an honor for us to assist others in this process.

Some individuals believe that their story isn't interesting enough to tell or that it is somehow immodest to focus on oneself.  We see it through a different lens. Almost everyone, at some point in life, wants to know more about his or her family, and all too often that history is lost. Participants in a family business or in a corporate entity are interested in the roots of enterprise. There is great interest in how people lived and worked in a different era, what they thought and what inspired them. They want to know about the good times and the challenging times.

Recording the history of your life and the context in which this history played out is the greatest gift you can give. It is your legacy to those you love. There is a significant story to be written for all of us. Let us help. 

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Turning memories into memoirs





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My mother always said she believed that immortality lies in the memories of those who love us and live on after us. But personal memories can only last a generation or two. I think memory goes beyond the personal, I think it lives on in the family stories we have to tell, and the stories we hear about those who lived before us.  



What Mrs. Lin

can’t negotiate is

the widening gap

between herself and

her “American” family

What Phyllis’s

mother didn’t know

was that she was

headed into the

Mexican Revolution


We sat down at the

big kitchen table

and painstakingly

went through

boxes of pictures

“Patient Conversations”

explores the stories

of people


medical challenges

I wanted to stop and have

a look at where

we were going before

the family destroyed

the business

Stories are a communal currency of humanity.